Computer Forensics

MD5 LTD have built a reputation as one of the leading Computer Forensics companies in the UK. Consequently, this allows our experts to recover reliable crucial evidence from the investigation of computers, servers and hard drives as part of a variety of case type. Example cases include:

  • Indecent Images
  • Drug & People Trafficking
  • Money Laundering
  • Intellectual Property Theft
  • Fraud and Business Crime
  • Insolvency
  • Internet Investigations
  • Tax Investigations
  • Employee Disputes

All examinations are carried out in our ISO accredited lab using recognised forensic software, to ensure evidence is preserved and analysed in accordance with the ACPO guidelines. Therefore, any court case can rely on these results from the examination without any reservation.

MD5 examiners have the ability to recover and analyse live and deleted data using a wide range of forensic tools and in-house processes. Through extensive Research and Development, MD5 are also able to investigate cases including uncommon operating systems, complex RAID configurations and other new techniques often used in an attempt to prevent data being recovered.

Our analysts can use the following sources of evidence:

  • Operating system artefacts
  • Images and Movies
  • Internet Browsing
  • Communication Data e.g. Skype, Yahoo!
  • Emails
  • Documents
  • iOS Mobile Phone Backups
  • Recently accessed files
  • Connected Devices

Using expert knowledge, the information can be presented in a variety of formats including Witness Statements and Streamlined Forensic Reports (SFR’s). MD5 have experience producing statements for both criminal and civil cases.

Preserving Computer Evidence

Consistent use of a device can overwrite potentially relevant data within the device memory. In order to prevent changing/overwriting any metadata or potentially vital evidence it is important to cease use and turn off the device as soon as possible.

A forensic image of the drive should then be taken in order to preserve the original data. A forensic image is an exact replica of the original device – as it replicated using forensic software and is not connected to a network this preserves any vital metadata. Any analysis of the device will then be performed using the captured forensic image.


MD5 are experienced in planning and executing proportionate strategies. Transparent pricing models ensures cost predictability and control providing clear quotes that are easy to understand.

MD5 are fully compliant with Legal Aid Agency fees.

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